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Live, Social Media Dashboards

Actionable insights for marketing & competitive analysis!

Social Web Marketing
Competitive Analysis
Why SocialFactz?

People are talking about your brand and influencing buyers...
Are you listening?

Monitor buzz in 16 media types from billions of sources
Automatic sentiment, relevancy, reach and rank analysis
Uncover new opportunities and identify customer issues
Measure your social marketing effectiveness and ROI

Competitors are marketing through multiple social media channels...
Are you following?

Real time tracking of competitor's all social marketing channels
Monitor buzz on all competing brands in 16 media types
Benchmark & compare with 23 customizable analytical reports
Identify collective trends, top influencers and top sources

Next generation social media solution with business context awareness...
Want to try?

"Business context aware" capability gets you 95% relevant buzz
Real time tracking of social marketing channels of any brand
Audience profiling with social rank and demographic analysis
Collaboration capabilities with user opinions and task routing
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Listen to all the relevance buzz on your brand and competition
Follow all the social marketing channels of competition
Connect with fans and critics of your brand and competition
Create tasks, add opinions and collaborate with your team
Business context aware buzz monitoring
Automatic relevancy calculation based on business context
Automatic reach analysis for each content source
Automatic sentiment analysis based on brand context
Media mix analysis of the contents
Customizable topic based segmentation of buzz contents
Automatic brand association tag map generation
Content filtering based on any date range
Identification of top sources where brand's buzz is high
Identification of top influencers in the industry
Content filtering based on social media type
Customizable keywords based segmentation and analysis
Free form search within buzz contents
Customizable chart types and chart styles
Content popularity analysis within user community
Content sorting based on date, rank, relevancy, etc
Buzz volume trend dashboard
Follow each brand's social marketing channels
Social media channels overview dashboard
Channel mix analysis for each brand
Social media account mix analysis for each channel
Customizable topic based segmentation of updates
Exposure analysis for published updates
Reactions and comments by people for each update
Content filtering based on social channel/account
Customizable chart types and chart styles
Customizable keywords based segmentation and analysis
Content sorting based on date, rank, relevancy, etc
Content popularity analysis within user community
Free form search within updates
Updates volume trend dashboard
Discover audience who interacted with the brand
Automatic classification of fans, potentials and critics
Audience brand interaction analysis and filtering
Automatic analysis of audience social ranking
Public profile aggregation for each audience
Demographics age mix analysis
Audience filtering based on date range, social rank, etc
Demographic map overlay of the world
Demographic gender analysis dashboard
Customizable chart types and chart styles
Free form search within audience
Audience popularity analysis within user community
Audience volume trend dashboard
Benchmark, analyze and customize reports
Customizable push eMail reports - delivered to your inbox
Export data in Excel format
Export reports in PDF format
Share of voice report
Brand comparison dashboard report
Buzz volume trend report
Buzz media mix analysis report
Buzz sentiment analysis report
Marketing channel mix report
Updates comments and reactions report
Trending tag map associated with one or more brands
Top and unique sources/domains list
Industry influencers list
Collaborative actions analysis
Audience volume trend report
... and 12 more reports!
Collaborate with your extended team
Add user opinions on any content
Email or share any content with anyone
Create task for any content and route them to any user group
User rating on any content for sentiment and relevancy
Create multiple user grouping and roles
User level topic segmentation for any content
Task closure analysis at brand, user and group level
Task status dashboard at user and group level
Customize to suit your specific requirement
Configure incoming brand mentions and search terms
Set noise terms which are to be ignored at brand level
Customize positive and negative sentiment terms
Set topics for content segmentation
Customize keywords to analyze within the content
Tune relevancy matching level at brand level
Set noise sources which are to be ignored
Setup industry level influencers
Configure brand relevant tags to use in ranking
Identify spam filter terms and keywords at brand level
Customize user groups and roles
User level setup of push mail reports and periodicity
Configure multiple sub brands for any brand
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